How to delete a page in word | Microsoft Word

If you also want to know how to delete a page in word, then in this article we will tell you all these things. How can you delete that document if you have text, graphics, or any other content page inside your Microsoft Word.

how to delete a page in word

How to delete a page in word

So here we are going to talk about how to delete a page in Microsoft Word. If you are not a Windows user, then you do not need to take any tension because we will also give complete information for the macOS user here that how you can delete any page inside Microsoft Word.

A lot of people keep asking questions that you will see below.

  1. How do you delete an extra page in Word?
  2. How do I delete a blank page in Word Online?
  3. Why can I not delete a page in Word?

You will find the answer to all these questions here.

how to delete a page in word Windows & mac OS

1) Click or tap on anywhere in the page you want to delete, then press Ctrl+G (Press Option+⌘+G on Mac).

As soon as you press Ctrl + G after that, a window will appear in front of you called Find and Replace.

microsoft word page remove
All Image From MS Word

2) As soon as this window comes to you, what you have to do is type \page Where you see blank space.

delete a page in word

3) Then you have to click on the Go To button or Press Enter, what will happen to it, whatever is written inside your page or is a blank page, it will be completely selected and then after that, you have to click on the close button.

4) After that you will press the delete button (Press delete also in Mac) inside the keyboard above which you have to press. One thing you have to verify is that you should have all the content selected inside your page.

If you still do not understand anything then you can watch this video

Delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

Sometimes what happens is that a blank page it won’t go away at the end of Word document. This happens because the word processor includes an end paragraph that can’t be deleted. So how can you delete a blank page, let’s see it in the word.

1) First of all you have to press Ctrl+Shift+8 (⌘+8 on a Mac) What will happen is that you will see a paragraph mark in word.

2) Then you have to select the paragraph mark.

Delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

3) Select inside the font size box, In that you type 01 and press Enter.

Delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

Now the paragraph will fits on the preceding page. You can now remove the unwanted blank page.

4) Now you press Ctrl+Shift+8 to hide the paragraph mark (⌘+8 on a Mac).

What is Microsoft Word

One of the most commonly used tools of Microsoft Word MS Office is for the school child to learn typing or make a report, the office worker has to write a contract or an old man does not write a book or Then write a letter to his son, Microsoft Word is used for all. There have been many versions of MS Word, in which they add some new feature every time.

And if you work inside it, then your work will be done very quickly because it is specially designed for this reason and every time MS Office takes care in making Microsoft Word very well designed and attractive. Using Microsoft Word is to type and format the text material. As we learn its new features, we will be able to do many things in it.

What is MS-Word/Word Processor?

  • Microsoft Word is application software.
  • It is also a processing software. It was developed by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Word processor is a software program capable of creating sorting and printing documents like letters and reports.
  • Microsoft Word help you to create document, format it, correct your mistake save review and print it.

Features and Characteristics of MS-Word

  • In this, you can cut, copy and paste the text. Because it is also a text editor.
  • You can also insert and delete the text inside it, so this is a very good feature of Microsoft Office Word.
  • There are also many features inside it, with the help of which you can set the size and margin of the page.
  • One of its features is very popular with the help of which you can search and replace any word.
  • Inside Microsoft Word, you will find a feature called Word wrap which is a great idea.
  • In this, you can also print any document that you create, I think this is a very good feature inside it.

We had told in the beginning of the article that how to delete a page in word. If you want to learn, then you can read it.

Features of MS Word 2020

1) Type anywhere on the screen

So whenever you open the 2020 version of Microsoft Word, you will find a feature inside it, Type Anywhere on the screen, so what does this feature mean that you can type anywhere on the top of the screen, if you mean Microsoft When you start the word, you will first see your cursor left side.

But if you double click anywhere on the screen, your cursor will go there and you can start typing from there.

2) Random text generator

If you want to make a template and you want dummy text, what would you do if you go to any website and copy it and insert it in your word, but it can be very long work. So this feature can help you in this very easily.

If you want to generate random text inside Microsoft Word, then all you have to do is to use a formula. As you can see below.



You have to type the sign of first = here, after that you will have to type in first bracket how many paragraphs you want like I have typed 3 here and second you have to type how many sentences you need to type inside the paragraph like I Typed 5. So you will get to see your random text generator.

3) Select text vertically

With this feature, you can select your text vertically, which is a very good feature.

So what you need to do for this is to press the option key inside the match and if you have a window then you have to press the alt key. And after that, you can easily select your text vertically and according to your own, you can change its font size, font style, and font color. I don’t know if this feature is productive for you or not but it’s a very good thing to try.

4) Merge multiple word files

With the help of this feature you can merge multiple files. For this, you have to go to the Insert tab of Microsoft Word and there you will see the option of object.

After that you have to select the text from the file and go to the location where you have to select your file and as soon as you select your document, you will get the complete insert of your document here.

5) Extra images out of word file

If there are many images inside your Microsoft Word document and you want to save it then it will be a very big task which will be very difficult to complete. So how can you do this quickly and easily, let’s see.

So first you have to click on save as, after that, you have to select the file format. You have to select web page (.htm). After that, you have to save and now you have to go to its file location where you have saved it. So there you will see a folder in which if you look inside you will see all the images of that document saved there.

In the beginning of the article, we had told how to delete a page in word. If you want to learn how you can delete a page in Word then you can read it.

Benefits of Microsoft word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016 is very much used by all its versions because it has a lot of features that can help you make your document more easily and attractive.

As you can embed online photos and videos inside your document. You can also use special effects inside it and can also save your document online inside One Drive. According to you, you can share this document anywhere, by taking help online and you can do many things within it, if you have all the features with it.

What is Blocks in Microsoft Word

So if we talk about blocks of Microsoft Word, then here you get many such features, with the help of which you can do your work very easily. You will find 5 blocks inside MS Word. which you can use it for formatting your text. You can give your own style to your text and you can change the color or the look of your text.

1) Clipboard

Inside the clipboard, you will find many features such as cut, copy, paste, and format painter. By using it, you can cut, copy, paste or format your text very well. So clipboard is a very good block where you can manage your text.

2) Font

In this block you will find many features such as you can change the style of your font, change its size, bold italics and underline it below. And which I think is a very good feature, which is called fonts color and fonts background color, so you can change the color of your fonts here as well and you can change the background of that fonts according to yourself.

And if you have to do any mathematical work, then here you can also manage it accordingly. So because of the block on this font, you can do lots of new experiments with your document and this block provides you a lot of features.

3) Paragraph

In this block, you will find many features, so that you can mouth your paragraph in different directions. You get the option of alignment inside this block so that you can do your paragraphs or any text in the left, right, center.

And you can also color your paragraph with the help of this feature, after that you can show your paragraph by bullet points and numbers. This is considered to be a very good feature in the presentation when you present your document in front of someone, it remains the same in explaining it.

In this, you get another option, in which you have to show your entire paragraph on the entire left side or the whole right side, then you can do that too, so you can do two paragraphs at the same place. You can keep one right and one left.

4) Styles

Inside the styles, you can give different styles of your fonts, such as if you have to give the title of Heading 1, Heading 2 or any text, then you can also do that. Here you can present your text in very different types such as normal text, heading text, title text, subtitled text, bold text and many other types of text you will get to see here.

So by using this feature, you can give different types of titles to your document, you can give headings, and you can also give a very attractive look to your document so that you can get a nice look inside your school or inside your office. You can give a document presentation.

5) Editing

Now the last feature that comes out here is the name of editing using this picture, you can find any keyword inside your document and replace it and you can also select all that text.

So this feature is considered to be a very useful feature and this picture has been used in many websites or browsers, Microsoft has made a very good invention here. With the help of which you can find and reply to your text.

So I hope that you would have liked to understand the block inside Microsoft Word and you have got to learn something new.

Microsoft word won’t open (Fix)

If Microsoft Word is not opening, then I will tell you some methods. If you do that then your Microsoft Word is not opening, then it will probably be fixed. So let’s see how you can open it if you are facing problems within Microsoft Word.

1) What you need to do for this is to hold the CTRL key and click on the application icon and you don’t have to release the CTRL key until you ask for the Safe Mode Confirmation. When you get safe mode confirmation then click yes.

2) Now what you have to do is try to repair the office installation. First you open the control panel, after that what you have to do is go into the programs and inside that, you will see the program and features and you have to click on the option of uninstall. After that, you have to find the icon of Microsoft, right inside it you have to click on Change.

You will have a screen popping up and there will be two options inside it. Quick repair and online repair. You have to let any quick repair tick over and click on repair. So your Microsoft office will take 5 to 10 minutes to be repaired and if it can not be any help to you, then you have to click on online repair, within that you will take 30 minutes or less than 1 hour, it will depend on your internet speed.

I hope that you have found out how to delete a page in word and if you have to learn to delete anything inside more software then you can visit our website again. And here you will get a lot of information related to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and any Microsoft software.

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